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I recently re-logged in onto angelqmin and thedevilscry, after having left those accounts for 2+ years, and found that people have been messaging me about my whereabouts, if I'll write more suju fics, etc. I'm sorry it took so long for me to write this post (almost 3 years... wow...) but as you probably can tell from the amount of fics I've put out in the past 3 years about suju (which is 0 btw...), I officially announce that I'll stop posting suju fics. To be quite honest, I've kind of stopped following suju, partly because Yesung (which is my favourite member) enlisted and also, my music taste has changed. And no, it's not that I moved onto exo, because really, I don't really like exo's song all that much. I like max. 3 songs per album. Hopefully I won't get flamed saying that....

Also, thank you to those of you who are worried about my life and etc. I'm doing fine. I'm now in the university I wanted to go to all my life (which isn't in my city so I had to move away from home). Lots happened but in summary, I'm good.

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