mikki。 (yixingz) wrote in loveofblack,

request to join loveofblack

membership is now locked. all fics have been locked. to join, do all of the following:
► leave a comment explaining why you want to join
join this community and i'll either add or reject you
all membership request will be screened until it has been approved. also, i will not remind people to click join this community.
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Wvahahahaha I am so happy I am already a part of the community heheheh
n.n well, i remade this post so i could actually be notified whether or not people want to join XD i keep forgetting to check my other account so the requests disappear :(
can i join the community?~
i reallllyyy realllyyy miss my fave fic ever.
A fool in love. i wanna read it again. <3
please accept me so that i can read your amazing fics again. Thank You. :))))))
aww, that is very kind of you for saying A Food In Love was your favourite fic. Thank you! <3
I have accepted n-n

Re: love <3


4 years ago

Finally I found how to join hehe... Been seeing your fics for a long time but never knew how to join. So I really would like to read your kyumin and yemin. Pls let me join cause I have been trying to for so long. You can call me Hikaru btw. I am 17 and my ultimate bias is Sungmin. :)
haha sorry for being so inconvenient! i'm glad you found a way to join my community :3
your request has been accepted.
Hi~ :D
Can I join your community??
Ivr been hearing how awesome your fanfics have been and I'm really keen to read your fan fics. ^^
I would be really happy if I could join.
Thank you ^^
request has been accepted.
may i ask where you have heard my fanfics being awesome o -o?
Ok! I will explain!
I want to join your community first of all because I love angst and I have read so many good comments recommending your work (blurzpoo) that I started feeling curious! Also, I really want to read your 'Fool in love' fic and all the other works that you may have :3 I will be certainly happy if you also write kyumin (the best angst couple ever)
Well I think that's all! Please let me join your community ^^
haha i haven't written a kyumin fic in so longgg :/ no inspiration tbh. x.x but i hope you enjoy my fics!
I've heard a lot about your fics (mainly in recommendations) and would be happy if you added me so I can read them ^^
accepted :3 hope you enjoy n.n
I need to read all these fantastic stories in the community, because I know these stories hold something that I craved for :) So, please can you add me?
send an invite i believe... hope you enjoy ^^
Hi~ I hope you accept my request. I've been seeing a lot of your fics being recommended so I want to read them especially the kyumin and yemin ones. ^^
did you send a request in to join the community 'cause i didn't get a notification. o.o


3 years ago


3 years ago

Hello!!! A Friend of mine recommended me your Kyumin stories, and also if you stopped write (i read the post under the rules post) i'd like to read them! ^^
hope you can accept me here!

Have a nice day!
Hi! I've accepted your request. Hopefully, whichever fic(s) your friend recommended is to your liking and not too disappointing haha.

Have a nice day. :)