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challenge: alone

♕ alone
author: the_devilscry
pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin
rating: pg
verse: alternate
prompt: kpop_prompts - o17. broken help
summary: at times, a stranger could turn your world around and become your best friend, family, and maybe even more.


It was raining. The sky was dark and the streets were lifeless. The pitter patter of rain and the water splashing onto the sidewalk as cars drove past were the only sounds Sungmin could hear. He was sitting on a bench, soaked to the bone, as he let his own tears mix with the rain.

His parents have left him alone.

They were in Taiwan for a vacation and when Sungmin woke up that morning, he couldn’t find anyone else but him in their hotel room. His father, mother, and brother had left him, leaving behind a small note and an airplane ticket on the nightstand saying they were returning to Seoul and had left without him.

His parents had left his 7 years old self alone in Taiwan.

He had quickly packed his belonging (which wasn’t much) and set off towards the only people he knew in Taiwan – his aunt and uncle. His aunt had gave him a sympathetic look and happily let him into their house while his uncle scoffed at him and shook his head in disbelief.

“Pathetic little brat,” was what he had said before retiring to his room to avoid seeing Sungmin.

“I’m sorry for being a burden, Auntie,” Sungmin bowed his head down and bit his lower lip when he felt the tears threatening to run down his cheeks. His aunt shook her head and enveloped Sungmin in a hug.

“I’m sorry, Sungmin. I can’t believe he would listen to his wife and leave his son alone in Taiwan like this,” she whispered. Sungmin felt his shoulder become damp and wrapped his arms around his aunt by instinct. “I’m sorry, Sungmin…”

At least his parents didn’t leave him completely alone in Taiwan.

Two days after arriving at his aunt’s house, his uncle came up to him one day and told him they were going back to Seoul too. Sungmin’s cousin needed to register for school and Sungmin could stay in their house until he was due to go back to Seoul, which was a week away. Sungmin gave a small understanding smile and went to help his aunt pack their things. She embraced him the moment he entered her room and repeatedly apologized. “I’m so sorry, Sungmin. I don’t want to leave you alone here by yourself,” she sobbed. Sungmin could only shake his head and pat the back of her head because he didn’t trust his voice.

He was going to be completely alone in Taiwan now.

His aunt had made sure she left a week’s supply of food and gave Sungmin some extra money for emergencies before she left. She hugged Sungmin and pecked his cheeks before walking to the waiting taxi out front, leaving a confused Sungmin. Why couldn’t his mom be so loving? Why couldn’t his own mom hug him, make sure he could survive and then leave him alone?

He watched the taxi turn the corner and out of sight before he put on a jacket and made his way to a nearby park. The park was a familiar place to him. They had been in Taiwan enough times for Sungmin to know his way around the neighbourhood but the only place his feet ever brought him to was this park; the only place that brought peace and comfort to his mind.

He had been sitting on a bench for only 10 minutes (not that he really knew how long) and it started pouring rain. He took the opportunity to let his feelings out. His tears joined the rain droplets at the corners of his eyes and trickled down his porcelain cheeks. He used his hand to muffle his cries and stared up at the sky. He let out a sad chuckle when he thought how the weather seemed to fit his emotions quite well.

Sungmin was still staring up at the sky when he felt a light pat on his shoulder, causing him to jump up in surprise. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you. You just looked so miserable sitting here alone without an umbrella so I decided to join you. You wouldn’t mind, would you?” the stranger asked in Mandarin with a lopsided smile. Sungmin could only shake his head and scoot over a bit to let the stranger sit beside him.

After sitting for a few minutes in comfortable silence, the stranger extended his umbrella so it held itself up before blurting out, “Kyuhyun.” Sungmin frowned at him and tilted his head to the side. “Cho Kyuhyun, that’s my name.” Sungmin nodded and introduced himself with a hushed tone.

“You’re actually Korean!? Were you able to understand what I was saying to you just now because if you couldn’t, I feel extremely stupid now,” Kyuhyun pouted slightly. Sungmin chuckled slightly and shook his head.

“No, I understand Mandarin perfectly fine. I’ve been in Taiwan enough to understand,” Sungmin explained and sneezed due to the cold.

“You want to go back to my place? My house is a block from here. My dad… I mean I could make us some hot chocolate.” Kyuhyun grabbed Sungmin’s hand before he could respond and dragged him in the opposite direction of Sungmin’s aunt’s house.

They arrived at Kyuhyun’s house in less than 5 minutes with Kyuhyun still holding his hand, even after entering the house. They finished drying off and were sitting on a couch in the living room with the TV on at a low volume. “So… Why were you crying, Sungmin-sshi?”

“Can we drop the honorfics? It’s more comfortable,” Sungmin asked and took a sip of his hot chocolate.

“Yes, please! I’m not really the type to use honorfics, to be quite honest,” Kyuhyun grinned sheepishly before staring at Sungmin, encouraging him to answer his question.

After a minute of contemplating whether or not to tell Kyuhyun (since he was a stranger after all), he sighed and recited his whole story to Kyuhyun, biting his lower lip from time to time to prevent the tears. When he finished his story, Kyuhyun get an understanding smile and like his aunt, enveloped him in a hug, maybe even tighter than his aunts. “Sungmin, how do you see the world right now? Do you think it’s beautiful or ugly?”

“It’s ugly. It’s disgusting and I hate it,” Sungmin bluntly replied without a second thought.

“Then what about a butterfly? Do you think they are beautiful or ugly?” Kyuhyun asked again as he tightened his arms around Sungmin.

“Butterflies are obviously beautiful, Kyuhyun,” Sungmin murmured against Kyuhyun’s chest and he snuggled in closer.

Kyuhyun chuckled and continued, “Try picturing an ugly butterfly, Sungmin. Instead of the vibrant colors on butterflies, use ugly colors like brown, olive green, and whatever color you think is ugly. Can you picture that now?” Sungmin scrunched his face up in disgust and nodded his head. “Now try to picture the world as being beautiful. Try thinking of a world filled with things you like. Lots of your favourite animals maybe or maybe even your favourite plant.”

A smile broke across Sungmin’s face as he pictured his world as perfect; more specifically, his family being perfect. “Thank you, Kyuhyun.”

“No problem, Sungmin. My dad always told me that everything happens to you for a reason and you have to look at it in a different perspective and deal with it with different eyes. So when my father died of cancer, I tried to cheer myself up thinking my father will never really leave my side and he’s always watching over me like he has been doing since I was born. I did the same when my mother committed suicide in front of me because she missed my dad so much. I tried to think, at least they’re happily together watching over me from above,” Kyuhyun whispered and buried his face deeper into the crook of Sungmin’s neck.

They stayed in the position for what seemed like hours. Kyuhyun’s arms were wrapped tightly around Sungmin’s shoulder while Sungmin’s were around Kyuhyun’s waist, feeling the comfort the other was trying to give without saying it out loud. Only when the front door of Kyuhyun’s house opened and revealed a drenched woman did they disentangled themselves. Kyuhyun introduced the lady as his sister, Ahra, and Ahra was overjoyed to see Kyuhyun have a friend over. Kyuhyun went to go help Ahra put away the groceries while Ahra started preparing dinner. Sungmin watched the two siblings talk with smiles on their face and Sungmin realized how lucky Kyuhyun was to have such a loving sister. Although the two had lost both their parents, they at least still had each other while Sungmin, who did Sungmin have? Sure, his aunt was like a mother to him but he didn’t see her enough to consider her as someone to hold onto.

Sungmin unintentionally sniffled and it alarmed Kyuhyun. He quickly left his sister’s side and hugged Sungmin again. “Why are you crying, Sungmin?”

Embarrassed, Sungmin could only shake his head and press his face closer to Kyuhyun’s chest.

“Sungmin, I know we only met a few hours ago but I just want you to know that I’ll always be there for you. Ahra-noona and I are flying back to Seoul on the same day as you, and we could always meet in Seoul. I’m willing to be your pillar in life to hold onto while I hope you are willing to do the same. Be my strength and happiness, Sungmin.” Kyuhyun smiled before pecking Sungmin’s cheek. Sungmin smiled at Kyuhyun’s words and nodded his head frantically.

From the side, Ahra watched with a smile never leaving her face. At least she didn’t have to worry so much about Kyuhyun now.

⇥ based off a real story with a few changes here and there.
akiko-chan, you are the best bestfriend a girl could ever have. you will be greatly missed and i'll remember you forever. ♥
RIP Akiko Yamaguchi 02.11.95 - 02.13.12.
thank you andi for editing this :3
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Tags: - fanfiction, challenge: kpop prompt, length: oneshot, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin, super junior: kyuhyun, super junior: sungmin, verse: alternate
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